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  1. S.K. Stylez

    JDX "Help Me" Thread (Ears at the back of the head)

    Are you able to post the texture for the back of the head? It looks like it might have been designed to be used with a hacked rom.
  2. S.K. Stylez

    VPW2 English Patch Setup

    Do you have a picture?
  3. S.K. Stylez

    VPW2 English Patch Setup

    Are you able to open the ROM in a hex editor and post a screenshot of the beginning of the file?
  4. S.K. Stylez

    VPW2 English Patch Setup

    The rom needs to be in the .z64 format. The .n64 rom will need to be byteswapped, as the bytes are flipped. The best thing is to search for the .z64 version.
  5. S.K. Stylez

    Load Mempak CAWs directly

    A 2 line code.  D11211A4 3042 811211A6 0000 You need to go into Options and into the Mempak menu first. Superstars 1 Slot 1 8109EE50 0001 STEVE AUSTIN Slot 1 8109EE52 0001 Slot 2 8109EE54 0002 THE ROCK Slot 2 8109EE56 0002 Slot 3 8109EE58 0102 TRIPLE H Slot 3 8109EE5A 0007 Slot 4...
  6. S.K. Stylez

    AI Menu

    Here's a code that enables the AI menu. D103DD04 0018 D126138A 0001 8126138A 0000 D103DD04 0018 D126138A 0051 8126138A 0050 D103DD04 0018 D126138A 0011 8126138A 0010 D103DD04 0018 D126138A 0005 8126138A 0004 D103DD04 0018 D126138A 0015 8126138A 0014 D103DD04 0018 D12617CA 0005 812617CA 0004...
  7. S.K. Stylez

    New domain, OSR to be archived.

    Yup. I have the .obj file to ROM conversion nearly done, so the testing will begin soon.
  8. S.K. Stylez

    New domain, OSR to be archived.

    Apart from finding ways to import 3ds max models into the games.
  9. S.K. Stylez

    Backstage addys & values?

    Just throwing this out there. The backstage areas have different addresses for Championship Mode. I've posted the pointer addresses at GenHex.
  10. S.K. Stylez

    colours going transparent on textures

    That is the case. Some of the default textures like the belts suffer from the same issue.
  11. S.K. Stylez

    Stage ROM Hacking

    No further updates yet. I'm working on a model tool at the moment which will open up new possibilities.
  12. S.K. Stylez

    Hack Request Thread

    Reading your initial post you said... You will not do move hacks - My request isn't a move hack. If you're a new member, you won't fulfil their request - I'm not new Bitch, fulfil my request.
  13. S.K. Stylez

    Hack Request Thread

    Hack belts around the waist. Non mirrored belts.
  14. S.K. Stylez

    Getting Duplicated Textures when Modding the Text!

    You'll always have that problem. It's to do with frame buffering. The textures will always refresh and cause you issues when texturing. snesmaster40 faced that issue when doing the VPW2 texture translation.
  15. S.K. Stylez

    Im new

    Do you get "error: 9000"? If you do, you have to increase your power level by 9000 and find Vegeta. Once you find Vegeta, give him a scouter.
  16. S.K. Stylez

    ears on back of head?

    The ROM patch is designed to be used with texture mods. That's why you'll have ears at the back of the head. The texture stretches across the entire poly instead of mirroring
  17. S.K. Stylez

    Stage ROM Hacking

    It's like you've seen Vince McMahon show up on Nitro.
  18. S.K. Stylez

    Fan meet up

    That was only 1 fan Keson. Not all will be like that. It'd be cool to meet guys like Stubbs and ImBored. Both are based in England. Snesmaster40 I think was from London too.
  19. S.K. Stylez

    Fan meet up

    You never know. It could all be possible lol. Who's from London?