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  1. AKI Man

    Virtual Pro Wrestling

    This looks amazing. Flashman.... Is that you Jordy? Well I think that's what your name was when I was more active here. Great stuff.
  2. AKI Man

    Smackdown vs Raw

    Congrats on release bro. I am going to DL this right now. Hope you are well old friend.
  3. AKI Man

    Hello people..

    Welcome to the board Saiko. As Casey said, you are a NM legend. It would be great to see you modding again.
  4. AKI Man

    Virtual Pro Wrestling

    Wow. This looks freaking awesome. So happy to see updates still going on this. Hope everyone is well.
  5. AKI Man

    NXT Takeover

    This is awesome. Thank you B for the release.
  6. AKI Man

    Lucha Underground: Final Version [RELEASED]

    This is looking fantastic man. I honestly cant wait to play this.
  7. AKI Man

    WWF In Your House 2

    This is awesome. Especially loving Jake and Luger.
  8. AKI Man

    New Japan Mobile Textures

    Great stuff bro. Was this released on Android? I am looking for the game but cant find it.
  9. AKI Man

    Lucha Underground: Final Version [RELEASED]

    I love this project. Great to see so many Lucha mods being made.
  10. AKI Man

    TNA: Unbreakable (05/06, the good era)

    This save a brilliant. Very impressed with everything shown.
  11. AKI Man

    Lucha Libre All * Stars

    Those attires are glorious. Great stuff bro.
  12. AKI Man

    TNA: Unbreakable (05/06, the good era)

    FUCKIN JAY LETHAL!! Hell yeah! This project is sick!
  13. AKI Man

    World Circuit Pro Wrestling 64

    This is perfect. Eddie's face looks spot on!
  14. AKI Man

    Mike Bennett Talks Long-term TNA Goals, a Possible Kingdom Reunion, Backstage Atmosphere, EC3, More

    <blockquote class='quote\\_blockquote'><dl><dt>Quote:</dt><dd> </dd></dl><div>- As heard above, new TNA star "The Miracle" Mike Bennett recently spoke with Ring Rust Radio about his future with the company, a possible Kingdom reunion and more. Courtesy of TNA Asylum, below are highlights from...
  15. AKI Man

    Backstage News On New TNA Contracts Being Offered, How Much Money They Offered Karl Anderson, More

    <blockquote class='quote\\_blockquote'><dl><dt>Quote:</dt><dd> </dd></dl><div>As noted, TNA made a big play for AJ Styles, Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows for their POP TV Impact Wrestling premiere earlier this month. They offered Anderson a deal in the $200,000 range but he turned them down for...
  16. AKI Man

    [Closed] Booker T hair

    Thats not crap mate. Looks good.
  17. AKI Man

    WCW Monday Nitro

    Don't bump old topics please. The arena was never released. WARNED! Please read the rules.
  18. AKI Man

    TNA: Unbreakable (05/06, the good era)

    This is looking great man!! Could I ask what your former handle was at TiZ? Not that it matters, just curious. Loving this.
  19. AKI Man

    [Closed] Chris Jericho

    This is looking great bro.
  20. AKI Man

    Sunny Receives $100,000 Offer For WWE Hall Of Fame Ring From Porn Company Wanting A Sex Tape

    <blockquote class='quote\\_blockquote'><dl><dt>Quote:</dt><dd> </dd></dl><div>We noted before that WWE Hall of Famer Tammy "Sunny" Sytch was auctioning off her HOF ring. TMZ reports that Vivid Entertainment boss Steve Hirsch offered $100,000 for the ring and in return, he wants Sunny to shoot a...