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  1. AKI Man

    Mike Bennett Talks Long-term TNA Goals, a Possible Kingdom Reunion, Backstage Atmosphere, EC3, More

    <blockquote class='quote\\_blockquote'><dl><dt>Quote:</dt><dd> </dd></dl><div>- As heard above, new TNA star "The Miracle" Mike Bennett recently spoke with Ring Rust Radio about his future with the company, a possible Kingdom reunion and more. Courtesy of TNA Asylum, below are highlights from...
  2. AKI Man

    Backstage News On New TNA Contracts Being Offered, How Much Money They Offered Karl Anderson, More

    <blockquote class='quote\\_blockquote'><dl><dt>Quote:</dt><dd> </dd></dl><div>As noted, TNA made a big play for AJ Styles, Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows for their POP TV Impact Wrestling premiere earlier this month. They offered Anderson a deal in the $200,000 range but he turned them down for...
  3. AKI Man

    Sunny Receives $100,000 Offer For WWE Hall Of Fame Ring From Porn Company Wanting A Sex Tape

    <blockquote class='quote\\_blockquote'><dl><dt>Quote:</dt><dd> </dd></dl><div>We noted before that WWE Hall of Famer Tammy "Sunny" Sytch was auctioning off her HOF ring. TMZ reports that Vivid Entertainment boss Steve Hirsch offered $100,000 for the ring and in return, he wants Sunny to shoot a...
  4. AKI Man

    Spoiler: New TNA World Heavyweight Champion Crowned

    <blockquote class='quote\\_blockquote'><dl><dt>Quote:</dt><dd> </dd></dl><div>As seen on tonight's Impact Wrestling, Matt Hardy defeated Ethan Carter III to become the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion. He turned heel in the process, buying off EC3's bodyguard Tyrus and using a hammer handed to...
  5. AKI Man

    Former WWE Star "Iron" Mike Sharpe Passes Away

    <blockquote class='quote\\_blockquote'><dl><dt>Quote:</dt><dd> </dd></dl><div>Former WWE star and second generation talent "Iron" Mike Sharpe passed at the age of 64 this past weekend in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, according to PWInsider. Sharpe was reportedly found in his apartment and had been...
  6. AKI Man

    Ric Flair Says WWE Wants Shawn Michaels to Wrestle In the 30-Man WWE Royal Rumble Main Event

    <blockquote class='quote\\_blockquote'><dl><dt>Quote:</dt><dd> </dd></dl><div> Ric Flair mentioned on his recent "Wooooo! Nation" podcast with Chris Jericho that Vince McMahon wants Shawn Michaels to come out of retirement to work the 30-man Royal Rumble main event later this month. Flair said...
  7. AKI Man

    Spoiler: WWE RAW RESULTS - JANUARY 18, 2016

    WWE RAW Opener: Tonight's WWE RAW opens up with a Martin Luther King tribute video. We get a crowd shot before going to the RAW opening video. - We're live from Columbus, Ohio as the pyro hits and Michael Cole welcomes us to the final RAW before Royal Rumble. He's joined by JBL and Byron...
  8. AKI Man

    Dean Ambrose Talks AJ Styles In WWE, Wanting To Wrestle Samoa Joe

    <blockquote class='quote\\_blockquote'><dl><dt>Quote:</dt><dd> </dd></dl><div>The Independent interviewed Dean Ambrose this week, who was promoting the release of 12 Rounds 3: Lockdown in the U.K. During the interview, Ambrose said that he would like to wrestle Samoa Joe someday, noting that...
  9. AKI Man

    Kevin Owens Talks Becoming WWE World Champion Someday, Dealing With Trolls Online

    <blockquote class='quote\\_blockquote'><dl><dt>Quote:</dt><dd> </dd></dl><div>Kevin Owens was interviewed by to promote this Sunday's WWE live event at the Canton Memorial Civic Center. Below are a couple of highlights: Being in the WWE title picture: "I think I'm already in...
  10. AKI Man

    Concern Over Finn Balor's Health and Bayley's Future with WWE's Main Roster

    <blockquote class='quote\\_blockquote'><dl><dt>Quote:</dt><dd> </dd></dl><div>- It's no secret that WWE NXT Champion Finn Balor and NXT Women's Champion Bayley often mention in media interviews how they're happy staying in NXT. Apparently this has been a major discussion point within NXT...
  11. AKI Man

    New Year ambitions?

    Anyone got any New Year resolutions or achievements you wish to fulfill in 2016? I plan on quitting the cigarettes and really pursue in my voice/over acting career. Need to get my voice reel done and forward them to agencies. I also need to find a new job by March as our contract is coming...
  12. AKI Man

    No Man's Sky - PS4 and PC

    Official Website: Release date: June 2016 Platform: PS4 and PC Price: TBA About No Man’s Sky is a game about exploration and survival in an infinite procedurally generated galaxy. This is a game that any space, science fiction fan has been waiting for in a long...
  13. AKI Man

    Super Power Beatdown (Batinthesun)

    Do any of you guys follow these guys on social media? I absolutely love there stuff. Its great when you get fans who actually produce top notch quality cosplay stuff. They also have some lovely ladies working for them by the name of Marisha Ray and others. :heart: . They have a good...
  14. AKI Man

    JBL Responds to Recent Comments from Vince Russo In Regards to Eric Bischoff Interview

    <blockquote class='quote\\_blockquote'><dl><dt>Quote:</dt><dd> </dd></dl><div>JBL took to Twitter this weekend to respond to comments Vince Russo recently made about the "Legends with JBL" interview featuring Eric Bischoff. Apparently JBL is responding to the comments made in the video above...
  15. AKI Man

    Veteran TNA Contract Expiring at the End of 2015

    <blockquote class='quote\\_blockquote'><dl><dt>Quote:</dt><dd> </dd></dl><div>It was reported in The Wrestling Observer Newsletter this week that TNA announcer Mike Tenay, who hasn't been used regularly in months, will see his TNA contract expire at the end of the year. Tenay has been with the...
  16. AKI Man

    Merry Christmas OSR

    Well its that time of the year again. Time to spend money, get drunk, plenty of love and of course loads of presents..... Most importantly, a time for you to spend with your loved ones and close friends. I would like to wish everyone a wonderful :merrychristmas: and hope you all get what you...
  17. AKI Man

    Movies you are excited to see

    Which films are you all looking forward to seeing in the upcoming year? My list is: Starwars: The Force Awakens Deadpool Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Xmen: Apocalypse Startrek: Beyond Suicide Squad Independence Day 2
  18. AKI Man

    Changes are coming *PLEASE READ*

    Ok.... OSR is going to be drastically overhauled in the upcoming weeks. The admin has started to discuss on what changes we will be making to the board, but I would appreciate the members to provide us some legitimate ideas for the board. "OLD SKOOL REUNION" was originally for us retro nerds...
  19. AKI Man

    Justin Credible retires

    Big fan of him in his ECW days. Loved his feud with Tommy Dreamer. Best wishes on his future endeavors. :flex: <blockquote class='quote\\_blockquote'><dl><dt>Quote:</dt><dd> </dd></dl><div>- Former ECW World Heavyweight Champion and WWE Superstar Justin Credible, 42, wrestled his...
  20. AKI Man

    Spoiler: WWE Survivor Series Results

    Results in the spoiler