RAW for PC Archive Topic (Latest- Total Edition, UI)
PsychoGirl Wrote:{ Apr 27 2014, 02:59:15 AM } - I'll discuss everything with you both regarding Wii/Ps2 modding Tongue Till then, lemme finish uploading everything @_@


Paullondon619 every mod added.
Movesets added
Arenas Added
TNA and Smackdown Conversions added.
CAWS updated
do you still have all the old mods,movesets and move hacks i made?
Updated Post.

Added the legendary patch by Wiggo and his team - WWE Armageddon.

Also, Added another legendary CAW Packs by Maddox from his website - RAW Caw Reloaded which was closed in between 2009 to 2011. I did manage to get most of the things , except for a few.

Bonus Content- The CAW Packs have movelists which can help you in making Movesets for Wrester mods in RAW or can help No Mercy modders in deciding movesets for their caws or mods.

Hope you like the updates. Thank you.
Great work with the archive PsychoGirl, there's stuff here that's so old it blows my mind Tongue I noticed I still had some of my old conversion patches sitting on a hard drive so I figured I'd leave them here for anyone that wants them. They're practically impossible to find online in their original versions now!

<small>[Image: 7vIweyE.png]</small>
Total Edition:!OURxwaaB!06AbeTMpT0m5m...yK9-TviGlE

This one was put together predominately by myself and Wiserommer. It evolved from a patch Madhav was working on back in 2006, 'Ultimate Edition', which we were helping with. As I recall he had a hard drive crash, lost most of it and disappeared, so we picked up the pieces and eventually put this out in 2008 (though the roster is more late 2007). It's pretty comprehensive and something we worked super hard on, Wiggo's later patches are better but it's a fun time capsule.

[Image: QtLur6L.png]

Ultimate Impact:!zFxQkKQL!snx5n-nccxsSO...iTbH2kwmFs

This one was put together predominately by Wiggo with a bit of help from us. The roster is updated to late 2008, soundtrack is updated to include lots of Smackdown vs Raw and PPV themes, altogether a good update. It's not quite as good as his later Armageddon patch but still worth a look. Both this and Total had a sound bug in their initial release, these copies are pre-patched and should run fine.

With these two you now have all the patches from the previous boards covered: Raw (2006), Legends (2007), Total (2008), Ultimate (2008) and Armageddon (2009). Raw's prime is long gone now but thank you for preserving the history! :bb:
=Bump for topic update=

Tombi is that you for real? You are a genius modder and I pretty much LOVE all your RAW mods.

Thank you for the links to the two patches, I'll include them soon .
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I've always been a fan of your mods Tombi, You're like a legend in RAW modding. Sadly its gone but hey I have the absolute honor of preserving the thing. Anyway, thank you SO much for those uploads. I thought Total Edition and UI had active links already by the time I started the topic lmao. But thanks again, I'll update it right now.

Also, If you have ANY more RAW patches (like TNA or Wrestling Unleashed) please feel free to comment here Smile
First Post Edited

Added WWE RAW Total Edition and Ultimate Impact.

No more updates till further notice.

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