UFC 64
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It's hard to believe that at nearly 50 years old, Tsuyoshi Kohsaka is still competing. He fought earlier this year (2020), and has recently competed in RIZIN too. With this level of work ethic, how could I not include TK in my MMA mod??
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Alright I've been working on another arena.. With sporting events canceled due to Covid-19, the UFC opened their own smaller venue called the Apex - and this is what I've tried to replicate here. Still kept my social distancing audience too since I don't think that will change.
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Alright KWG I took your advice and this is my first try at a skin texture. I've modded the chest/stomach area on Alistair Overeem here. It will take some time to make the rest of the fighters consistent, but it looks like it will be worth it. Any/all comments are welcome!
please put mark hunt in!
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It's funny you asked that because I just finished up his protege, Tai Tuivasa. I will only be focusing on current UFC fighters; I've already had to cut a few in this mod as they've since been released by the UFC. I found this fighter to be a challenge due to the Samoan tattoos, but I am happy with the results!

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Finished modding the Tokyo Dome arena with entrance ramp. Let me know what you think! Be sure to watch Overeem vs. Volkov this weekend!!
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Tai Tuivasa is the man,hes close enough to mark for me! cant wait to play.
Alright so as I've gotten further into this mod, I've started modding some of the game's wrestlers recently and now I'm thinking of making this a UFC vs. WWF mod or something along those lines. I also want to include some of the classic MMA fighters too. As the UFC continues its roster cuts and fighters retire, I've been modding new fighters and cutting some of the old ones out. I have 16 CAW slots to work with and I think I've freed up some space for half of those now. Here's the roster I'm thinking of so far:

UFC Heavyweights:

Curtis Blaydes
Marcos Rogerio de Lima
Francis Ngannou
Alistair Overeem
Stefan Struve
Tai Tuivasa
Alexander Volkov

UFC Middleweights/MMA Legends:

Sam Alvey
Alessio Di Chirico
Tsuyoshi Kohsaka
Nate Marquardt
Bas Rutten
Kazushi Sakuraba
Nobuhiko Takada

WWF Legends:


This is by no means a final list, I still have lots of open spots to add to it. What are your thoughts? Who would you like to see??
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