Welcome to OSR!
Today, we're officially re-launching Old Skool Reunion. We've come and went, changed name, merged, unmerged, and here we are. This time, to stay.

If you're reading this, welcome to our family!


1. Be respectful to all members equally, discrimination will get you BANNED immediately. No slurs.*
2. The staff have the final say on everything. Respect your Admins and Moderators.
3. No Spam.
5. Use the right sections! NSFW content only on the correct channel, same for spoilers.
6. Use common sense. Do not act like a staff member, dont discuss bans, dont escalate tense situations, avoid requesting if you're a new member, etc.

There is a warning system. 3 offenses and you're gone. There are some exceptions, which includes spam bots and people who the staff deem to deserve an instant ban (see rules 1 and 2).

*Note: we might be lenient on some words depending on context and intention. For an instance, "gringo" might be seen as a slur in some places, but its also harmless in others. Please avoid some of the most obvious, heavy ones.

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