Always Win Codes


Feb 7, 2011
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Always Win Codes

These codes will award the match in favour of a specific player, no matter who got the final pin, elimination or submission. These codes will not work in the event of a DQ or Count Out.

If you are using these codes in a Battle Royal or a Royal Rumble, then it will only affect the last player in that slot. So for example, if you are using the ‘Player 1 Always Wins’ code, then the last player to be in the Player 1 slot will be declared the winner.

Only use one of these codes at a time.

Player 1 Always Wins
104647DC 00000100

Player 2 Always Wins
104647DC 00000001

Player 3 Always Wins
104647DC 00000102

Player 4 Always Wins
104647DC 00000003

Player 5 Always Wins
104647DC 00000104

Player 6 Always Wins
104647DC 00000005