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Backlash Arena
80050688-(092B) Back Right Graphic
8005068A-(0929) Back Left Graphic
8005068C-(092B) Lower Right Side Graphic
8005068E-(0929) Upper Right Side Graphic
80050690-(092B) Lower Left Side Graphic
80050692-(0929) Upper Left Side Graphic
80050694-(092B) Front Right Graphic
80050696-(0929) Front Left Graphic
-Top Titan Tron Left Side
80050698-(05E3) Polygon
800506B4-(08E5) Graphic
-Top Titan Tron Right Side
8005069A-(05E4) Polygon
800506B6-(08E7) Graphic
-Lower Titan Tron Left Side
8005069C-(05E5) Polygon
800506B8-(08E1) Graphic
-Lower Titan Tron Right Side
8005069E-(05E6) Polygon
800506BA-(08E3) Graphic
800506A0-(05DA) Polygon
800506BC-(08EB) Graphic
-Ramp from Stage to Ring
800506A2-(05DB) Polygon
800506BE-(08E9) Graphic
-Lights Above the Structures
800506A4-(05E2) Polygon
800506C0-(08DF) Graphic
-Back Lower Structures
800506A6-(05E1) Polygon
800506C2-(08DB) Graphic
-Back Upper Structures
800506A8-(05E0) Polygon
800506C4-(08DD) Graphic
-Middle Lower Structures
800506AA-(05DF) Polygon
800506C6-(08D7) Graphic
-Middle Upper Structures
800506AC-(05DE) Polygon
800506C8-(08D9) Graphic
-Front Lower Structures
800506AE-(05DD) Polygon
800506CA-(08D3) Graphic
-Front Upper Structures
800506B0-(05DC) Polygon
800506CC-(08D5) Graphic
800506B2-(05D9) Polygon
800506CE-(08D1) Graphic
-Scaffolding Above Ring
800506D0-(080B) Part 1 Graphic
800506D2-(080B) Part 2 Graphic
800506D4-(080D) Part 3 Graphic
-Rafter Signs
800506D6-0941 Back Sign Graphic
800506D8-0941 Front Sign Graphic